AI500 : Operation: Lockdown
22nd – 23rd October 2016

Blundeston Prison, Blundeston, Lowestoft NR32 5BG


21st October 2016

Gates will open at 15.00 hours for booking in and will close at 22.00. Anyone arriving after this time will need to wait until Saturday morning to book in.

The Viper Team have a team meeting at 20.00 hours on Friday night – place to be confirmed when booking in. Anyone on Viper Team not turning up until Saturday morning will be briefed before briefing then.

The Mongoose Team have a team meeting at 21.00 hours on Friday night – place to be confirmed when booking in. Anyone on Viper Team not turning up until Saturday morning will be briefed before briefing then.

22nd October 2016

Gates will open at 07.30 to allow people to book in that did not book in on Friday and for people not sleeping on site. They will be closed at 09.30

Briefing – approx 9.30

Game Start – approx 10.00

Game End – approx 18.00 or when light does not allow any more play.

Raffle – approx 19.00 in safe zone

Gates will then be open from 19.30 to 22.00 for anyone wishing to leave site.

23rd October 2016

Gates will open at 07.30 to allow people to book in that did not book in on Friday and for people not sleeping on site. They will be closed at 09.30

Briefing – approx 9.30

Game Start – approx 10.00

Game End – approx 15.00 – debrief will be held shortly after and then gates open for people to leave.

Gates Close – 17.00

Camo Rules

The Order of the Mongoose – (Green) : Green dominant Camo. Green blocked colours or black. MTP/MULTICAM IS NOT CLASSED AS GREEN.

The Pit Vipers – (Tan) : Tan dominant camo, tan blocked colours or MTP/Multicam.

It has come to our attention that at the beginning of booking in there was a discrepancy on our website so anyone not sure of the camo rules or that misinterpreted the rules will be taped with either green (for Team Mongoose) or yellow (for Team Viper) so everyone else know what team they represent.

Booking In

Cars will be parked outside the main gates and booking in will be inside the gates clearly marked. If you have balances to pay please make sure you bring the correct money where possible as £5.00 are always on sort demand.

You will be given your goody bag which will have your AI500 game patch inside. Please where this as soon as you have booked in so you will be allowed to roam the site freely.

Disclaimer Forms

I attached our own disclaimer form with your original booking in email. I have attached again just in case you did not notice this was attached. The site owner has also asked for a disclaimer to be filled in which is also attached.

These both need filling in and handing in when you book in. You will not be allowed on site if you have not filled these in. I will make sure I take enough copies with me on the day but anyone that can print these out and fill in before you arrive will speed the booking in process up.

Your team leaders Andrew Sawyers – Team Viper and Scott Connal – Team Mongoose will be on hand at booking in to ask any questions you have not already asked on your facebook pages. Please remember though they will be sitting close to each other so team tactics will only be discussed in your team briefings in the evening.

Sleeping Arrangements

There are cells for you to sleep in – 60 in total. They have metal frames with no mattresses so you will need to bring a fold away mattress of some kind along with sleeping bags. Otherwise there is a big room for you to sleep in and there are another 6 rooms off the main floor where teams of no less than 6 can sleep. Everyone else will be put in a large store space where you will need to bring full sleeping attire unless you are happy on the floor. I have attached photos of the areas.

We have decided for ease that both teams will be mixed up in these areas. Cells will come on a first come first served basis and you will not be able to save cells for fellow players.


Your property will be left at the owners own risk, we have never had problems before but never say never as the saying goes. Please name things where possible and keep your areas tidy. We will have marshals in the main safe zone most of the time but they cannot be held responsible for your possessions.


There will be no curfew at this site but please be aware of the people around you and the residents in the properties around the perimeter.


There will be a food van from Friday which will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for anyone that wishes to use the facilities. We have used them before and food is very good with a variety of options at reasonable prices. For those that want to bring their own food please be aware that NO food can be cooked in the buildings. We will arrange an area where this can take place and would ask you to keep to the space provided.


There is no water on site and limited shops around the site so please stock up on water and bring as much with you as you need. I would suggest between 3-5 litres per day per person dependent on your activity levels.


We would ask that all attendees act with consideration and common sense with regards to alcohol. Anyone under the influence of alcohol will be removed from the site immediately during gaming periods. Outside of the stated gaming periods we will treat you as adults and expect you to behave as such. Please show a proper levels of consideration to other players and to neighbours of the site.


In the event that any AI500 attendees are found or reported to be using illegal drugs or are under the influence of drugs, including marijuana, they will be asked to leave immediately from the site and subject to the extent of the law.


It is important for you to understand that all AI500 attendees are guests on the site and it is the responsibility of each and every player to ensure that waste and rubbish is managed effectively.

We will provide a skip for the disposal of household rubbish but please be aware that no airsoft rubbish including any bb’s, AEG parts and pyro should not be placed in the skip and taken home to deposit by yourselves.

All areas will be checked before gates are open so to speed up everyone’s departure we would appreciate your co-operation in depositing all rubbish in the skips provided.

General Conduct

Whilst on site please remember that your conduct may be under the scrutiny of other players at all times and your actions and conduct may be considered representative of the wider airsoft community. Please act with due discretion and respect for the site and its staff and all attendees at all times.


Due to the close quarters nature of the site, we advise that ALL players use full face masks at all time. The use of shooting glasses or mesh goggles remains at the discretion of the user and the event organisers take no responsibility for any injuries or consequences of choosing to not use a full face mask. If at any time a member of staff deems your eye protection to be inadequate or unsafe, we reserve the right to refuse to allow you to continue play until an alternative is found.
FPS Limits

The FPS limit on all AEG’s including any side arms/sniper rifles and anything else that shoots BB’s is a maximum of 350. No exceptions.

To reiterate, Maximum 350fps limit for ALL guns measured on a .20g BB. ZERO EXCEPTIONS.



Maximum MkV or 9mm blank in reusable/reloadable pyro. Pyro has a 5m kill-radius in large rooms or outdoors and eliminates any smaller room immediately. Pyro kills are INSTANT kills and it is not possible to medic a player who has been killed by pyro. If you are awaiting a medic and pyro goes off in your radius, count it as a second kill and return to respawn. Pyro that eject pellets do not need to physically hit a player in order to eliminate them.

No hard or reusable pyro should be deployed by any other method than “posting” through a doorway onto an area that the player can draw a line of sight to. No hard or reusable pyro should be dropped down a stairwell or “bowled” underarm. Disposable, soft pyro can be thrown in outside areas but must be deployed UNDERARM in indoor areas.

Once deployed, players should not interrupt the flow of play to retrieve reusable pyro and instead must wait until they move past the position in order to retrieve their device (bear in mind that if deployed in a small room ALL occupants should be eliminated so there’s no excuse not to move through yourself). Marshals are not in place to retrieve devices and will not fetch a deployed grenade for you in order for you to reload it and deploy it. If, as a player, you happen across a deployed, reusable grenade simply move it to the side of the room out of the main thoroughfare. Players will be allowed to return to the gaming areas at break times in order to collect devices not already picked up.

Semi-auto ONLY when firing from indoors or into a building. Full-auto and burst modes may only be used when firing at targets that are outdoors from an outdoor position. Should your weapon become jammed and you need to fire a burst of auto in order to clear it, declare vocally you are “CLEARING A JAM” and point the weapon in a safe direction and fire the required burst. When successful, vocally declare “JAM CLEARED” and continue to use semi auto.) STRICTLY NO BLIND FIRING AT ANY TIME OR IN ANY SITUATION. Players should not “keyhole shoot” through a space they cannot physically fit their head through when in proximity to it. Shots from range may be lucky enough to pass through small spaces and gaps. These should be taken as hits. Players should not physically manipulate or restrain another players weapon, e.g. pushing muzzles against walls around blind corners etc. Equally, care should be taken when rounding corners and if a player cannot take full responsibility for the trajectory of their shot, they should not pull the trigger. As such “pre-firing” when rounding corners is discouraged. In the event on an emergency such as an injury or failed eye protection players should call “CEASEFIRE! CEASEFIRE! CEASEFIRE!”. In this event, all players should immediate place their weapons on the ground. Commencement of play site-wide will only be called by a marshal or staff member when it has been ascertained to be safe to do so. (Should your eye protection fail or fall off immediately cover your eyes with both hands, take a kneeling position and call for a ceasefire as above)


PRIMARY WEAPONS: 600 rounds in magazines

PISTOLS & SHOTGUNS: 600 max per weapon carried in magazines/shotshells

DESIGNATED MARKSMAN RIFLES: 300 rounds max in magazines *350fps limit still applies invalidating this rule.

SINGLE ACTION/BOLT ACTION RIFLES: 150 max in magazines or loose *350fps limit still applies

SUPPORT GUNS: One full box mag. No loose rounds. *Semi auto rule still applies


When respawning, players will be required to attach two small squares of WHITE TAPE to their person. This will indicate lives. In the event of a first hit, players must announce “HIT!” and may verbally call “MEDIC” but must not communicate with team members in any other way (e.g. winking, nodding etc.) Any other friendly player may come and remove one piece of tape and thereby “medic” the player allowing them to commence fighting. If a player is hit and has no pieces of tape left to remove by a medic, they must return to respawn. A player must wait FIVE MINUTES before they “bleed out” and return to respawn. During this time an opposition player may approach players waiting to “bleed out” and manually remove their tape, effectively forcing them to respawn. No other physical contact should be initiated.

Bang rule – There will be no “bang rule”. You can invite a player to take their hit but they are not obliged to do so.

In the confines of a CQB environment, it is likely that you will take a hit in a doorway or corridor. As such you will present yourself as an obstruction in these environments if you simply stand in place therefore we encourage players to seek SENSIBLE refuge from BB fire without moving into an advantageous position. For example should you take a hit in a door way, move back into the room you are defending and sit or kneel in a corner with your weapon on the ground or slung.

Likewise, it is entirely likely you will be hit on a stairway or within a corridor. In these instances please exercise sensibility and sit or kneel to one side without obstructing other players. If you feel you cannot do this, you should feel entitled to move out of the firing line to wait for a medic. LIVE PLAYERS OR PLAYERS ATTEMPTING TO MEDIC MUST SHOULD NOT DRAG OR PULL HIT PLAYERS AROUND. Hit players should move a sensible and fair distance outside of the firing line so as not to obstruct play. We do not advise any attendees run at speed during gaming.


Where possible, doors should be left open and if you enter a room via a closed door, leave the door open. In the event of doors that automatically close, these should not be kicked open or violently open. Likewise, be aware of the swinging arc of an opening door and position yourself away from it. Players must not obstruct the opening of any doors at all. Windows should not be fired through at all. Due to the nature of the Prison, no window will open wide enough to fit your head through, so you should not shoot out of them.

This is not an MOD site so if anyone needs to leave when the gates are locked in game time then please just ask one of the marshals. However if you wake them up at 03.00 in the morning wanting to leave and it is not an emergency you are likely to be told in no uncertain terms to go do one!


Please no smoking in ANY of the buildings and if you do smoke then please make sure all cigarettes are put out properly.

Cameras/Mobile Phones/Video Equipment

No restrictions al all but if you break it – tough!


There is no power at the site at all. I would suggest you all come with charged batteries and spare where possible. We will be bringing along a generator but this will be used for emergency battery charging only when needed. We will not be bringing any chargers though.


Airsoft World will be attending the event. There shop will be well stocked but if you would like anything in particular then please contact them directly and I am sure they will be able to accommodate you.
Important Addresses

Website –
Facebook main page open – AI500
Facebook team pages closed groups – Team Mongoose (Official AI500 Green Team)
AI-500 Task Force Viper (Formally Desert Team)