AI 500 – Operation: Lockdown

Following on from the events at the Titan Research Facility, both Mongoose and Viper factions slinked away to tend to their wounds and perform battle damage assessments. The brawl over the facility had been grueling and bloody with a massive body count.

Although the Mongoose faction had dominated the area for the duration of the intense conflict, the Viper faction had managed, via deceit and cunning, to steal and stow away the fruits of the victor’s labour. A weapon of mass destruction had been intercepted, hidden and spirited away by the bedraggled Viper survivors. With this weapon they would surely look to extract some form of revenge… That is… If they could work out how to detonate it…

Stowed away in the Prism Incarceration Center, a former penal unit, the Mongoose clan sat, contemptuously, knowing that the only way to utilise the weapon the Viper faction had stolen lie in their own commander’s DNA. Of course, with the help of their new scientist allies, the Viper faction finally figured this out and although many attempts to synthesise the genetic key codes required were made, they could not bring the weapon to bear… They would need the blood of the man himself.

The Viper’s mobilised and the Mongoose faction braced for impact…. Operation: Lockdown was about to begin!